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Give your skin the care it deserves with the Mediterranean Set - perfect for a day in the sun. The Mediterranean Set is designed to hydrate and nourish dry skin, leaving it supple and resilient. This collection features two essential products:

Nourishing Sun Lotion - This lightweight lotion provides a protective barrier for your skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy in the sun.

After-sun Lotion - This nourishing lotion soothes and replenishes your skin after sun exposure, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.

To use, simply apply a thin layer of Nourishing Sun Lotion to your skin and massage until it's fully absorbed. Use it frequently when exposed to the sun. After sun exposure, apply a thin layer of After-sun Lotion and massage until it's fully absorbed. Avoid further sun exposure after using the After-sun Lotion.


In conclusion, the Mediterranean Set is a perfect solution to take care of your skin on a sunny day. The combination of Nourishing Sun Lotion and After-sun Lotion provides complete protection and care to your skin, leaving it soft, supple, and resilient. Make sure to give your skin the care it deserves with this amazing skincare set.

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